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Monday, June 30, 2003
MSN Search
(source: Digital Media Wire)

Microsoft Launches Search Tool That May Challenge Google

Mountain View, Calif. -- Without fanfare, Microsoft has launched new search program that may pose a significant threat to Mountain View-based Google, CNET reported on Wednesday. The program, called MSNBot, is designed to scour the Internet to build an index of links and documents in much the same way as former partner Inktomi. CNET reported that the program could be just the first step in a larger multi-year plan that could see Microsoft build the dominant search technology for its Windows operating system, as well as the Internet and software applications. "Microsoft could then connect the search engine of its MSN portal to new file technology planned for the next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, which will make it easier to search e-mail, spreadsheets and documents on PCs, corporate networks and the web," reported.

hmm... this is interesting, especially when you read this earlier article:

Microsoft is significantly stepping up its investment in search technology, including paid models, in a move that could eventually supplant its relationship with Overture Services, according to a new research report.
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