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Friday, January 30, 2004
Google to delay IPO
According to reports on Google, they look to be delaying their much anticipated IPO. One of the reasons for this is reckoned to be an upcoming lawsuit on copyright infringement in their AdWords program, although I also suspect this has a lot to do with the fact that Yahoo will be dropping Google as their Search partner. This massive dent in their distribution will be a big loss to Google and will only serve to devalue the company.
Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Why Yahoo dropping Google could be a Bad Thing
Fredrick Marckini is betting that when Yahoo! drops Google, it will cost website marketers more money to get found in Searches. It is speculated that Yahoo is introducing Inktomi to its search listings to provide a large market share for Inktomi, that it can exploit to force users to pay for listings on Inktomi on a CPC basis. The article makes a lot of sense, although this may be just a temporary issue until MSN finally launches its new search engine and drops Inktomi.
Monday, January 12, 2004
AOL Ad Sales Chief Steps Down
Only eight months into her new position as interactive media executive vice president, Lisa Brown is leaving AOL. Brown claims reason for resignation were "health and personal reasons." WSJ quotes unnamed sources as having said Brown was under investigation for questionable expense reports in excess of $40,000.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Ask Jeeves gains on Google's loss
The news that Yahoo! will soon be dropping Google as a search partner has led to Ask Jeeves shares jumping in value on expected gain in leverage over Google as a result.

"Anything that improves Ask Jeeves' ability to retain Google as a partner and to continue to get the same type of economics from that relationship is good for Ask Jeeves," said Mark May, an analyst at Kaufman Brothers. "Investors are basically saying that Ask Jeeves' negotiating leverage with Google will improve as a result" of the loss of Yahoo.

Yahoo! set to drop Google by Q2
Reports are circulating that Yahoo! will ditch Google as its search provider and use its own search technology as early as the first quarter. This is certainly no spuprise, but could put a big dent in Google's IPO impact, which is expected to happen in April this year. Yahoo! has already started using their own search technology in their Shopping channel, and as their senior vice-president in charge of search and marketplace services, Jeff Weiner comments, "We're not going to beat the competition by being the competition. We're going to beat the competition by being Yahoo.", it certainly makes lot of sense.

Monday, January 05, 2004 to Expand Keyword Matching
FindWhat is following in the footsteps of Google and Overture by adding a new feature, Intellimap, to their keyword advertising products. Starting this month FindWhat will match advertisers' keywords with similar search queries, including misspellings, plurals and different word order. This very similar to what Google and Overture have rolled out late last year. However, FindWhat does not allow you to opt-out of this feature, unlike Google. Many advertisers have been dissatisfied with the expanded keyword matching capabilities of Google and this could mean that FindWhat will be making their clients spend more for irrelevant referrals and face a similar backlash.
Sunday, January 04, 2004
Google personalizing Search
A few weeks back, I cited an article for on the new Google Frequent Searcher Program. mktg brainlogthinks there is more to this, going on to speculate that this is the first step in Google's introduction of personalized search. This article is very interesting and I encourage you to go visit this blog.
Saturday, January 03, 2004
Blogging will be "trendy" in 2004
Marketing communications agency Euro RSCG Worldwide recently released a forecast on local behavioural trends in 2004. Amognst the predictions of increased people power and anti-globalization, it was also predicted that 2004 will be the year the blogging really takes off as a buzz marketing tool. Another great reason to understand now how blogs can help your business. For more on how to create a great commercial weblog, check out my sister site, Blogopoly.
Friday, January 02, 2004
Spiderman 2 adopts blog marketing
The marketing plan for Sony's forthcoming Spiderman sequel will include blogs. Sony pictures has created templates for users of Livejournal and blogger as well as backgound images for regular websites. I don't expect enormous success on this, but it is interesting that they decided to make blog templates in addition to the regular backgrounds and screensavers many film companies produce. A big signal that marketers are beginning to recognise the viral marketing value of blogs.
Thursday, January 01, 2004
Predictions for the new year
With a new year brings new predictions for the year. Most analysts seem to be predicting slow, steady ad growth for 2004, with strongest growth in the paid Search sector. In Europe this growth in online advertising will not come from increased marketing budgets instead at the expense of other media as marketers realize the better ROI and accountability from online advertising.
So what specific products or companies will be making headlines in 2004? I expect Google to still be up there, although Yahoo should be gaining a lot of ground as they build up their search tools. They have been hiring a lot of people in Europe, so they are certainly optimistic for 04. Kanoodle could squeeze in as the third paid search provider, especially if their new venture with the Sprinks guys gets off the ground. Local Search is going to be one of the big new products of 04. Ask Jeeves should also make an impact as they prepare for an acquisition and partnership spree in Europe next year. 2004 could also be the year that blogs take off as marketing tools - the significant boost in search rankings that Blogging has should encourage more and more mainstream businesses to take this up.
This is just a brief brainstorm on 2004 predictions - what do you think will be big in 04? Leave me a comment below to add your own predictions for 04.

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