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Sunday, August 01, 2004
MSN has launched it’s news search and aggregation service in the US. This new service, christened newsbot, is very similar to the service offered by Google except that it offers greater personalization. The site learns what content interests you as you use the service and designs the homepage to show you topics relevant to your interests based on your historical behavior. This personalization is very similar to Findory, which adapts its layout to the types of news stories that you read, providing a personalized view of the day’s headlines.

As mentioned previously in my blog there are several sites that pull posts from various blogs to create a service similar to Google News, except that the content is entirely derived from blogs. Most of these sites only show blog posts covering the most popular topics are or are keyword driven. In other words you have to search for what you are looking for - this gives no great advantage over using Yahoo other than it displays only blogs. Findory has now released the Blogory which uses the same personalization techniques as Findory.

Someone recently remarked that there really are no great blogs that one can go to for content on a broad range of issues. There is no BBCi or CNN of the blogworld, only specialist sites such as Marketing Vox or Slash Dot. However sites such as Blogory can aggregate blogs based on your own interests to create such a well-rounded site for you. Blogs are mostly set up by people who want to say something they can’t find in other media publications, and also appeal to disenfranchised audiences. Sites like Blogory appeal to this freedom to read about "stuff I can’t find elsewhere".

MSN always says it is not a Media Company, instead it is a company that helps people find the media they are looking for. By that same argument a TV channel that produces none of it’s own shows is not a media company. Thus Blogory is not a media company, but I am sure it will be as valued by its audience as MSN or a TV station.

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